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Design, lighting, video, sound, and everything that elevates the experience.


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When you’re in the business of impressing an audience, you can’t afford to be boring! Your image suffers, customers will go elsewhere, and your employees will be frustrated.

The right environment will help you build your brand, make a powerful impression, and grow your business.

At ASW, we know your space reflects on you, and we want you to look amazing!

from boring to blown away

With over 30 years of experience in the audio-visual design market, we’ve been helping our clients impress their audiences for a long time. We not only bring that knowledge to the table but a fresh eye for design and expertise in the latest technology.

At ASW, we help by focusing on your vision of what you want your audience to experience. We won’t bore you with tech-talk about wiring or widgets. We’ll focus on the encounter you want people to have with your environment and brand. Then we will show you options to get there.


Before you leave, we have a gift for you!

We want to help you impress your audience, so we've designed this free workbook to help you and your team answer five simple questions and take the first step toward providing an excellent experience for you and your customers.

Expert Designs

We offer intelligent, thoughtful, and comprehensive design for your space.

Full Service Installations

Your installation will be handled by our expert team so you rest knowing it will be done right and on time.

On-going Support

We stand behind our work and offer on-going support for all your needs.

experience that delivers

Many companies specialize in selling certain products, such as lighting or sound. To them, the solution is one dimensional. But to create an experience that will impress your customers, it’s important to find someone who can reverse engineer the experience you want to create, whatever form it takes.

Signs and displays, smells…even the visual elements dynamically displayed around the area…all work together with the lighting, sound, and other elements to create an experience that immerses your customer.

Find a firm that can deliver the experience you want and you’ll find an outstanding return on your investment…which in the end, is really what it’s all about.

how to create
a compelling environment

Step 1
Step 1

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We’ll discuss your vision and how it can happen.

Step 2
Step 2

See your vision

We’ll build a design that shows off your plan.

Step 3
Step 3

Impress your audience

You’ll get a room that will make you shine.

Transform Your Environment

At ASW we know that environment matters and has a direct impact on your clients and business. Whether you are dreaming up your future space or refreshing an old one we are there to help you design a compelling environment.

Houses of Worship

Auditoriums that create an engaging worship experience and make your guests and members want to return.

  • Enhance the experience
  • Make an impression
  • Grow your congregation

An uninspiring auditorium can steal from the worship experience.

  • The worship atmosphere feels flat and mundane.
  • Your congregation has difficulty hearing the message.
  • New guests are not engaged with the environment.
Begin creating an engaging experience today!

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Corporate Spaces

Impress clients and attract top talent with your office.

  • Be more productive
  • Become preferred
  • Grow your business

An outdated office drains life from your business.

  • You feel embarrassed to have your client visit.
  • Meetings start late because technology doesn't work.
  • New talent would rather go somewhere else.
Energize your business with an office that inspires!

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Educational Spaces

Get "wows" from prospective students and parents with rooms and auditoriums that get students excited to attend.

  • Seal the deal with new students
  • Make your school standout
  • Enjoy a growing and vibrant school

When competing with other schools and universities, you've got to look your very best.

  • You have to stand out when families come to visit.
  • You want to be on the top of their list.
  • You need to create an experience to remember.
  • You know how much first impressions count.
Create eye-catching rooms that inspire students to say yes!

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Creative & Immersive Design

Immerse your audience into an experience they will not forget. Technology and content must work together to create a great experience. The ASW creative services team will help you look brilliant by creating content that will impress your audience.

What they’re saying

Lawrenceville Arts Center

ASW was honored to provide all the theatrical audio-visual installation for the main auditorium, rehearsal room, green room, dressing rooms, and digital signage for the world-class Aurora Theatre.

Ahavath Achim Synagogue

“We appreciate the work that you have done and it has made a huge difference.”

Barry Herman | Executive Director

Grace Chapel

ASW helped us enhance our experience for visitors and members through sound upgrades and implementing a digital signage system.

Paul Huyghebaert | Lead Minister

Elevate Church

We are so pleased with the quality of work ASW did for us. Bringing in the additional stage lighting as well as the new live stream setup has been awesome! However, one of the best things about your team is that you treated us like friends first and not just as customers.

Dean and Shane went above and beyond to partner with us in the whole process while we went from DREAM to DESIGN to DONE! We hope to work with you again in the future and highly recommend you to anyone and everyone.

Will Click | Worship Leader

Woodstock High School

The wireless mic system in our stadium went out and ASW was the only company we spoke to that sent out a crew to look at the equipment to determine our needs. The other companies just sent estimates, from our first phone contact to the site visit and final installation ASW was completely professional. Everything was on time and on budget. The installation crew even took the time to clean up the area and make sure everything was neat and put away.

Jeff Wagner | Technology Director